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Phil Lester Construction

Creating spaces for homes in Birmingham and beyond

We are an amiable and respectful team of building contractors specialising in all areas of residential renovations across Birmingham and its suburbs. We are specialists in managing all manner of residential building work from opening up existing spaces and all of the structural work involved there, to building extensions, carrying out loft conversions, and all of the details in between.

When you employ Phil Lester Construction to deliver your home renovation project, you are employing a detail focussed team with Phil at the lead, ensuring that every element is considered and executed to its most effective end.

Make Phil Lester Construction your first port of call for your home renovation project

We are quite often approached by clients who know they need to adapt or add to the space in their home, but aren’t sure where to start. How much will an extension cost? Can I knock this wall down? Do I need an architect? Make Phil Lester your first port of call. We are best placed to advise you on the process, what could be achieved, budget implications and solutions for making your budget work harder for you; as well as having a portfolio of architects to call on dependent on the size and scale of the work required. From that initial point onwards, you are assured of clear and continual communication with regards to progress and status of the project.

“Problems are nothing more than opportunities for solutions.”

We work closely with clients, and if the project warrants one - the architect, to ensure that all elements of design, structural considerations and build are carried out with clear communication and careful consideration to ensure that the clients initial vision emerges into reality with minimal stress and disruption.

With any level of building work undertaken there is a possibility of unforeseen issues. It is the way those issues are tackled that make them the defining factor of the project or not. We have a strong engineering background and approach any potential problems in a calm and logical way - often finding solutions that can further benefit the overall result of the project.

Phil Lester Construction Services


Phil Lester Construction Services

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Tel: +44 7927 775458


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